Proposed California FMMO Hearing Details

More information on the proposed California FMMO is available at the link above.

Preliminary impact analysis of California FMMO proposals

This report describes the regulatory impact of proposals for a California FMMO.

California FMMO proposals

The link above will take you to the USDA site where you can review the California FMMO proposals that have been submitted. The USDA has not yet taken a position on any of the proposals included in the Notice of Hearing.

Upper Midwest FMMO 30

The link above offers access to the website for Order 30, covering the Upper Midwest region.

Federal Milk Marketing Orders (FMMOs) establish certain provisions under which dairy processors, or handlers, purchase fresh milk from dairy producers supplying a marketing area.  Federal orders were developed to maintain stable marketing relationships for all handlers and producers supplying marketing areas.

The Midwest Dairy Coalition has long been involved in policies related to FMMOs and has strived for equitable treatment across regions. 

USDA announces hearing on proposed California FMMO

The hearing is slated to begin Sept. 22, 2015, and is expected to continue for several weeks.


The USDA-AMS website has a wealth of background information as well as news related to the Federal Milk Marketing Order Systems.

Working to Assure equitable treatment across dairy regions


Federal Milk Marketing Orders

Map of FMMO areas

This map from the USDA-AMS shows existing FMMO areas.

FMMO Statistics

Access everything from mailbox prices to retail prices at this USDA-AMS site.

Midwest Dairy Coalition comments to USDA-AMS on review of Class I values

This is the Coalition's April 12, 2015, comments regarding review of the FMMOs. The Coalition pointed out inequities resulting in artificially depressed prices for producers of milk going into manufactured products.

Midwest Dairy Coalition files reply brief in California Federal Milk Marketing Order Hearing

This is the Coalition's reply brief for the California Federal Milk Marketing Order Hearing to protect the ability of cooperatives to de-pool manufacturing milk within Federal Order areas.