The Midwest Dairy Coalition has been representing the region's dairy producers on matters of federal dairy policy since 1990. The years of experience exhibited by our lead governmental affairs representative, along with a network of advisors and policy analysts, has helped the Coalition build its reputation as a driving force on the national dairy policy making scene.

The Coalition represents the best interests of the region's dairy cooperatives and their member-owners in what is often a complex process for affecting federal dairy policy. By continually representing the region's co-ops on issues of importance to Upper Midwest dairy farmers, the Coalition is able to establish and nurture valuable relationships with the nation's policy leaders and lawmakers.

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The Midwest Dairy Coalition consists of farmer-owned cooperatives acting on behalf of the region's dairy producers to shape federal policy impacting the Midwest dairy industry.

For 25 years, the Midwest Dairy Coalition has worked to ensure the region's dairy producers have a strong and respected voice with policymakers in matters of federal dairy policy. The Midwest Dairy Coalition is the longest continuously operating organization of its kind in the region and has built a solid reputation in our nation's capital as a knowledgeable representative for the region's dairy industry. 

Dairy cooperatives are owned by the dairy producers they serve. They provide a number of services for their member-owners, from manufacturing and marketing dairy products made from members' milk to providing insurance and other benefits to promoting dairy product consumption. 

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Ensuring a Voice on Capitol Hill

Working for dairy farmers since 1990

About Us

The Midwest Dairy Coalition is an alliance of dairy cooperatives representing dairy producers in eight Upper Midwest states on federal dairy policy issues. The Coalition collectively represents nearly 4,600 dairy farmers, or about 17 percent of the dairy farmers in the nation. 

On a regional basis, the Coalition's membership represents a majority of dairy farmers in the Upper Midwest, and provides an effective and useful forum for dairy organizations to discuss, debate and propose common action dealing with the ever-changing federal dairy issues of the day.

Representing the Region

Providing a forum for debate and consensus on a regional level is what sets the Coalition apart. 

Other associations addressing dairy policy issues are either state level or national in scope. Coalition membership is diverse and varied from within the region, assuring thorough consideration of issues impacting the dairy industry and the capacity for grassroots-level action, including fly-ins to Washington, D.C.