Midwest Dairy Coalition Supports Sen. Baldwin's Dairy Pride Act 

Senator Baldwin’s DAIRY PRIDE Act fights back against non-dairy products that are mislabeled as milk, yogurt and cheese. Get the latest updates here.

USDA releases new MPP data

​The USDA has released the latest MPP sign-up data. Not surprisingly, the percentage of producers buying up above the $4 catastrophic level was slightly less than in 2015.

Reply brief for California Federal Milk Marketing Order Hearing

Read how the Midwest Dairy Coalition's response seeks to protect the ability of dairy cooperatives to de-pool manufacturing milk within Federal Order areas.

Latest Updates

Opposition to discriminatory pricing policies


Historically, federal dairy policy has penalized regions like the Upper Midwest by establishing policies that discriminate against manufactured dairy products, such as cheese, that are the mainstay of our region's dairy industry.

The Coalition has built a long history of working to end such discrimination, and promote policies that provide benefits to producers without regard to the end use of milk..

Promoting National Approaches to Dairy Policy

The Coalition has been instrumental in the creation of national dairy policies that effectively provide a counter-cyclical safety net for dairy producers in all regions. The Coalition's approach to policy has been extremely helpful to rural economies of dairy-dependent Upper Midwestern states.

Giving a Voice to Producers


The Midwest Dairy Coalition is an alliance of dairy cooperatives representing Upper Midwest dairy producers on federal dairy policy issues.